Uwana Obong School
A place where education and moral values are instilled into the future leaders (our children), where education is paramount and also the best legacy we can give
We have the best qualified teaching staff who are experts in their teaching fields and are properly sound and equipped with modern and best methods of teaching
We have straight "A" and gifted pupils with a passion and hunger for useful knowledge and destined for brighter futures here
We are equipped with state of the art teaching and learning facilities to help enhance knowledge to the fullest, which includes our computer science lab ...
We Pride on the Success of Our Students.
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We appreciate your good conduct over the period of last month, it was productive for us as an institution...we believe you have become even stronger and better in this new month... Bravo!
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Benue State
Benue State is located in the middle belt of Nigeria and predominantly occupied by the Tiv, Idoma and Igede ethnic groups. Their common meal is Pounded Yam.
Gbagyi Ethnic Group
The Gbagyi ethnic group mainly occupy Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria, Niger and Kaduna States
Jaba Ethnic Group
The Jaba ethnic group occupy areas within the southern part of Kaduna State. Their primary meal as with other southerners is Tuwon Masara.
Kogi State
Kogi State is located in the middle belt of Nigeria and is the aboard of the popular Lord Luggard and within it is located the Confluence Centre of Rivers Niger and Benue, Nigeria's two largest and longest rivers. Kogi is blest with iron ore as mineral resource
Koro Ethnic Group
Abu Akai is a popular drink among the Koro ethnic group from the northern region of Nigeria, majorly occupying the Kagarko Local Government Area of Kaduna State and found in some parts of Niger, Abuja and Nasarawa states.
Western Nigeria
Prodimantly occupied by the Yoruba ethnic group, the western part of Nigeria is home to the great Lagos state, home of creativity and economic capital of Nigeria